Online Navigation Course Program

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Whats Involved?

Online navigation course program:
🧭 4, 6, 8 figure grid references
🧭 Vertical interval and contours
🧭 Map symbols
🧭 Age of maps
🧭 Grid Magnetic angle
🧭 Scales
🧭 4 6 figure grid references
🧭 Judging distance.
Route planning
Description of ground.
🏔‼️Hi guys so here it is the launch of the new online navigation and map reading courses. ⛰‼️

These will be delivered at a price affordable for everyone, just give us a message.

One, two or three hour courses to prepare you for the hills in the future.

These can be done in one sitting or over split days.

Content will cover:
4, 6 and 8 figure grid references
Key information to check on a map before use.
Map symbols
Different scale of maps.
Using a compass – bearings 🧭
Judging distance, time and direction.
Orientation of the map.

In the military all recruits before going on the ground are taught theoretical map reading in the classroom, these basic skills are then developed onto the hill where soldiers operate in varying challenging terrain.

More advanced military skills can be added to the content including:
10 figure grid references
Re – sections
GPS watch tuition
And little techniques used within the military environment.

All courses will challenge you with small quiz’s to keep you’re mind stimulated throughout.

flexible on dates, please contact us, choose your date and book your course.

Event Details

Date/Time: 18/02/2022 - 31/12/2022 at 6:30 pm

Cost: £60.00

Available Spaces: 5


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