Our running club is more than just the average running club, here at Optimal Adventures we are not too fond of running on roads, near cars or in hugely built up areas. We choose to use a more nature-based approach including Cross-Country and Fell Running options. We feel that people get a lot more from these specific running based approaches rather than being in a commercial, built up area with carbon emissions at an all time high! Below is some information on our running programs and any events that are upcoming. Our running programs will be a regular, routinely offing through Optimal Adventures so keep ears and eyes peeled at all times! All of Our running instructors are qualified technique coaches.

PRICE: £3.00 per session (cash will be collected before the run begins)


Below is our current timetable for our May running club (currently evenings only) and also the full addresses of where to meet prior to the run. Anybody is welcome at any time, come as and when you please.

Rivington Pike :

Bob Smithy Pub

1448 Chorley Old Rd,



Philips Park:

Saint Mary’s car park,



M25 1GG

Tandle Hills:

Oaken Bank Road








Cross-Country (Trail) running involves running over natural terrain. Routes can be of a specified distance and may include surfaces of grass and earth, pass through woodland areas, include hills, flat surfaces and downhills and also sometimes gravel trails. Cross-Country has a rich history of developing a strong cardio-vascular base which can generally not be matched by regular road running. It is also much more rewarding due to the surroundings you are running in, views can often be staggering which leads an easier atmosphere to get some good, strong miles in!

Fell Running

Fell running is a type of running usually undertaken in the hills or in mountainous regions. Depending on the gradient, these runs can be challenging but also extremely rewarding once completed. Fell running can be taken to the next level if you possess sharp navigation skills (check our Navigation Course), if you have this skill, you can navigate difficult terrain on your own at fast pace without worrying about getting lost. Fell running originated in The Lake District and as this is out main base, there is no shortage of routes for us to choose from! The rewarding nature of fell running is what makes it most attractive to many people due to the incredible views that can be seen on virtually any route you decide to take. Also not to forget that you can become inconceivably fit!






Upcoming Events

No Events At This Time