U.K Events

All of our U.K based events (& others) you will find on our ‘Book Events’ section along with everything else we have on offer, including Running, Various courses and UK/Overseas Expeditions.  


We have a range of different events all including various activities, from beginner level challenges to more elite level, arduous challenges. No matter what your level, we have events that cater for you. We want to build the beginners up to the elite and challenge the elite like they may not have been challenged before.


Our events span the country over and we are always adding new challenges to our repertoire, within various different fields of the outdoors. We want YOU, the people to get out and enjoy being active like you may not have done before. Our aim is to make it challenging but more than that, we want to make it fun. Because without the aspect of enjoyment, the motivation to do it ceases to exist!


Don’t listen to what they say, go see.

U.K Events: Our recent videos Mount Snowdon